Above Snakes: How to Unlock New Worldpieces

If you’re confused about how the biome system works in Above Snakes, this guide was created to show you how to unlock new Worldpieces in the game. 

In Above Snakes, players can explore various biomes or Worldpieces to unlock new resources and enable them to continue the campaign. These biomes often contain important aspects of the main campaign or essential resources that you’ll need to construct and craft different items and furniture in the game. If you’re lost as to how to unlock new world pieces, see below. 

How to Unlock New Worldpieces 

To unlock new Worldpieces in Above Snakes, access the Cartography Table then hold down the interaction button to research the new Worldpiece. New Worldpiece types can be unlocked by discovering new resources or completing campaign missions. New Worldpieces that you haven’t unlocked with have a padlock icon over them.

Above Snakes Overview Map

To place a new Worldpiece, look at the Worldpiece progress bar in the bottom right of the screen. When it fills up, you’ll be able to place a new Worldpiece.

Make new Worldpiece Above Snakes

Biomes must be adjacent to a Plains/(Biome Name), and the edges of that biome must be touching the Worldpiece of the same type. For example, to build a Pine Forest, you’ll need to build a Plains/Pine Forest, then a Pine Forest. None of the edges of the Pine Forest can touch a Plains-only block and can only be adjacent to squares that have trees on the edge.

Placing New Worldpiece

Throughout the game, furthering through the campaign or discovering new resources unlocks different biomes for players to explore. Some of these biomes will even be for specific missions, like Finding the Survivor’s Camp and Lost Provisions. These campaign blocks will be in a certain Biome, so you’ll need to meet the same map conditions for Unique blocks.

At first, this concept somewhat confused us — as the edges of our biomes were red, but it was mainly because the edge of the adjacent Worldpiece did not match.

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