Above Snakes: Where to Find Ink

Ink is an important resource for constructing a Cartography Table in Above Snakes. Here’s how to get it. 

Above Snakes, the new survival game developed by Square Glade Games, has many different resources and crafting materials players can unlock by exploring the game world. One early-game item essential for continuing the campaign is Ink, so you may ask yourself, “where can I find Ink in Above Snakes?” Luckily, we’ve played through a lot of the game already and are here to help you out with our guide. 

Where to Find Ink in Above Snakes

In Above Snakes, players can produce Ink by combining 1 Feather with 4 Huckleberry. To produce Ink, go to your Workbench Tier 1 tab and select Ink. To find the Feathers that you need to produce Ink, Search Pine Trees. 

Ink is used to produce a bunch of different constructions, including the Cartography Table, which is a piece of equipment that enables players to unlock different environments or biomes within the game world.

We would get it if you were a little confused about how to craft this item. It would probably make more sense if you needed to fish for a squid or octopus, but ultimately, all you need is a Feather and Huckleberry. 

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