Above Snakes: Where to Find Beeswax

In this case, you shouldn't mind your own Beeswax.

In Above Snakes, Beeswax is a critical component that you’ll need to advance through your campaign, but it’s pretty hard to find. 

Out of all the items and materials you find in Above Snakes, Beeswax is perhaps one of the most critical early-game components for important upgrades. It’s required to get more powerful mining items and upgrade your Workbench to Tier 2. If you’ve been unable to find it thus far, this guide will walk you through where to find Beeswax.

Where to Find Beeswax in Above Snakes

In Above Snakes, players can find Beeswax in forests by hitting trees that have a beehive attached to them with an axe. This will occur in Pine Forests and will be accompanied by buzzing sounds. Once you knock the hive to the ground, Beeswax and Honey will drop. 

Above Snakes Beehive
Screenshot: Gamer Digest/Above Snakes

Be careful when extracting the wax because the bees will attack you and inflict damage. 

Beehives will occasionally respawn after a few in-game days on random trees in the forest. The first place players will encounter Bees is in the Pine Forest. Beeswax is actually one of the harder materials to maintain and obtain since there is such a limited quantity on the map. 

Therefore, especially in the early game, players should take heed of what they are using their Beeswax on, as it may take several in-game days to spawn more. 

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