Above Snakes: How to Get Plant Fibers

In Above Snakes, Plant Fibers are a critical crafting material that’s required for both early-game and late-game items. If you can’t find any, this guide was made to help. 

Above Snakes, the new Western-style survival game, has many items and resources that players can find in the title’s various biomes. One of the earliest ingredients that you’ll need to locate are Plant Fibers, but it’s possible you may not know how to get them. Here’s how to get plant fibers in Above Snakes. 

How to Get Plant Fibers in Above Snakes

In Above Snakes, Plant Fibers can be found by hitting the small green bushes in the game world with an axe. Luckily, Plant Fibers can be found in the game’s various biomes, so they shouldn’t be too hard to find. 

Harvesting Plant Fibers in Above Snakes
Image: Gamer Digest/Above Snakes

Plant Fibers are used for a variety of different crafting recipes, including the Tannery, Workbench, and various construction pieces. 

While you might feel a bit silly now that you know that Plant Fibers can be harvested by, well, hitting plants, we totally understand if you missed this initially or weren’t sure if you could find them by searching in trees. 

Eventually, the small bushes that you take out with your axe will respawn to provide you with more Plant Fibers. As one of the most plentiful resources in the game, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding more as you get further in your campaign. 

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