Across the Obelisk Hero Tier List

Our Across the Obelisk tier list ranks all the playable heroes in the game.
Across the Obelisk Hero Tier List

There are 16 playable characters in Across the Obelisk, making for dozens of possible team compositions. As a team-based deckbuilding game, it’s tough to rate each hero individually. However, there are definitely some heroes that have much higher potential than others. In our Across the Obelisk tier list, we ranked all the heroes from best to worst, in our opinion.

Of course, tier lists are always subjective, and this one is no different. All the heroes in AtO are extremely viable with the right team composition, but we found those in S-Tier to be the best performer when put into the right squad.

Across the Obelisk Tier List

  • S-Tier: Bree, Gustav, Ottis, Andrin, Sylvie
  • A-Tier: Magnus, Thuls, Reginald, Nezglekt
  • B-Tier: Grukli, Evelyn, Cornelius, Wilbur, Zek, Malukah, Heiner

S-Tier Heroes


Across the Obelisk: Bree

Bree is an S-Tier tank hero that has many viable builds. Whether you run thorns, vitality, or any other build on her, she excels at it. She’s one of the best units for ensuring the team’s survival, arguably the best in the game. Bree also has an amazing starting card, can reliably draw cards for teammates, and is an excellent shielder, making her viable in basically any team composition.


Across the Obelisk: Gustav

Gustav is a great team buffer, healer, enabler, and even a damage dealer. A good starting deck and various songs enable him to focus on healing, speeding up the team, and dispelling debuffs. The bard can do it all, which means you can mold him around most team comps. 


Across the Obelisk: Ottis

Ottis is a unique healer with two highly viable builds. He’s most known for his legendary shielding build, which heals allies while stacking up shields, and can apply lots of Vitality stacks and Bless with the correct item. On the other hand, he’s also quite the capable damage dealer if you want to build him like that. 


Across the Obelisk: Andrin

Andrin is a solid all-around hero, whether it’s running a Mark build, enabling allies, or speeding everyone up. As a base starting hero, he’s a good one to master early on, and we recommend experimenting with the Wild Hunt talent card to learn how it works.


Across the Obelisk: Sylvie

Last, in S-Tier, we have the archer known as Sylvie. While not especially effective on her own, she can reach ridiculous numbers with enough Sharp stacks, one-shotting any enemy she encounters. She’s especially good with heroes like Gustav (Chant of Accuracy) and Bree/Magnus (Sharpen). Throw on some items that grant more Sharp per turn and extra Sharp charges, and you’re good to go.

Updates: Updated as of Patch 1.0.4

Players can visit the Across the Obelisk Discord to chat with others, theorycraft, and discuss the game. Feel free to comment below if you have anything to add. Remember, characters will change as new balance changes are introduced to the game in future patches! You can also check out our Across the Obelisk section for unlock guides, builds, and general walkthroughs.

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