How to Become an Exorcist in BitLife

Cast out the spirits haunting your BitLife property by becoming an exorcist!

BitLife is all about controlling your own destiny and living the life you’ve always imagined. You can become almost anything in the life simulation game, and if you’re feeling like becoming an exorcist, that, too, is an option. In this guide, we’ll show you how to become an exorcist in BitLife, and how to exorcise your spirits on your own.

BitLife Exorcist Guide

To become an exorcist in BitLife, you will need to get a job as an exorcist. You can do this by going into the occupation tab, browsing the full-time jobs, and looking for the Exorcist (Church) job. Apply for the position, answer the interview question, and you’re all set.

Being an exorcist isn’t the most extravagant job in the world in terms of salary, but you’ll make enough to survive. What we’re really interested in is doing exorcisms on ghosts.

If you want to perform an exorcism on a ghost, you’ll need to own a haunted property. You can refer to our guide to learn how to buy a haunted house in BitLife if you are not sure how to do it. In short, you’ll want to browse the real estate listings and buy one of the haunted properties.

How to do an Exorcism in BitLife

To do an exorcism in BitLife, go into your haunted property and tap the Spirits button. Select any spirits from the list and choose the Exorcise it option. If you’re an exorcist by profession, you’ll see an option to Exorcise it yourself.

How to do an Exorcism in BitLife

If you’re not an exorcist, you can always hire someone else to do it for you for $250. But, for particular challenges, you’ll need to learn how to become an exorcist, and now you know how to do it!

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