Dave the Diver: How to Defeat the Giant Squid

Here's a quick rundown of the giant squid fight in Dave the Diver, so you know how to defeat it without any problems.

You’ll go on many excursions in the mysterious Blue Hole in the underwater exploration game known as Dave the Diver. One of your missions, called The Leahs-chan Rescue, is to rescue Leahs-chan for Duff, but a giant squid is making things difficult. If you’re having trouble with this one, here’s our guide on how to defeat the giant squid in Dave the Diver.

How to Defeat the Giant Squid in Dave the Diver

To defeat the giant squid in Dave the Diver, you’ll need to shoot the squid in the eyeball four times with any ranged gun. Any gun works, whether it’s the Basic Underwater Rifle, the Triple Axel, or the Red Sniper Rifle. 

Dave the Diver Giant Squid Eye

There are a few mechanics to be aware of, though. First off, the squid summons a few tentacles that protrude from the seafloor and walls. You can telegraph this move by watching for the rumbling dirt patches. 

The tentacles can come at you diagonally or straight on in any direction. If caught between two tentacles, your best bet is to stay between them and near the closest wall. 

Dave the Diver Giant Squid Tentacle

Aside from the tentacles, every time you shoot the squid in the eye or get close enough to it, the squid will release an ink blast that pushes you back to the left side of the level. This can actually be beneficial because, depending on your gun and oxygen level, you may need to replenish your health (O2) and ammo. 

Dave the Diver Giant Squid Resupply

Near the start of the level, there’s an ammo box and an oxygen replenisher. Make sure to use these if you’re getting low on health or you’re out of ammo. There’s also a gun crate that you can open if you don’t actually have a ranged weapon that you can use to shoot the squid.

After you shoot the giant squid four times in the eyeball, it’s game over for him, and you’ll be able to retrieve Leahs-chan for Duff. That’s all you need to know to defeat the giant squid in Dave the Diver. We recommend heading in there with at least a Basic Underwater Rifle and maybe one or two iDiver upgrades, like the Air Tank for extra Air Level.