How to Train Staff in Dave the Diver

Here's how to train your staff in Dave the Diver, so you can ensure Bancho Sushi runs smoothly!

As your sushi restaurant grows in Dave the Diver, you’ll need to start hiring employees to help out in the kitchen and dining area. Dave can’t do everything by himself, after all. After you put out an ad and hire some applicants, it’s time to start managing them. One aspect of hiring people is ensuring they get placed in the correct positions based on their skills. 

After you hire some staff for Bancho Sushi, you’ll eventually want to train them to increase their stats and unlock additional skills. Each employee you hire has a baseline set of stats for Cooking, Serving, Procure, and Appeal, which determines where they fit best at the restaurant. Training unlocks additional skills, greatly impacting how smoothly your service runs and how much money you make.

Training Your Staff in Dave the Diver

To train your staff in Dave the Diver, visit the Bancho Sushi location and navigate to the Staff menu. Click on a staff member, and then choose the Training option. Training your staff costs money, and they get progressively more expensive to train as their level increases.

Training Your Staff in Dave the Diver
Image: Gamer Digest

For example, when you first train an employee, it will cost 150, then 225, and then 337. The cost essentially goes up 50% after every level.

Your staff members unlock new skills at Level 3 and Level 7. These skills come in handy because you’ll need someone to help you pour drinks and help clear the tables in the dining area. 

Kitchen staff can learn skills such as:

  • Ingredient Prep Expert: Increases the number of dishes registered to the menu.
  • Cooking+: Cooking ability increases permanently.

Dining staff can learn skills such as:

  • Drink Serving: Can serve drinks (beer, tea, etc.).
  • Tip Master: Always get Tips.
  • Wasabi Refill: Refills the wasabi.

There are several more staff skills to unlock, but these are just a few. There you have it; that’s how to do staff training in Dave the Diver so you can rake in the big bucks! Check out our Dave the Diver section for more guides!