Deep Rock Galactic Has Nearly 1 Million Players In-Game Every Month

Wow, that's impressive.

Deep Rock Galactic, the first-person dwarven mining game, has sold an astounding 5.5 million copies since its release in 2018, according to a new year-in-review summary. 

If you’re out of cooperative multiplayer games in your Steam Library and have never experienced the fun of Deep Rock Galactic, you’ve got the next title you should queue up on your Wishlist. While most games’ hype dies down after the initial boost, Deep Rock breaks that mold as it continues to gain popularity. 

And it isn’t just fair-weather fans, either. With 42 hours played on most accounts and an aggregate of 25,000+ years played, the user base has nearly tripled since 2019, according to the game’s developers. 

There are tons of popular games out there, but not many can boast an average monthly user count of 827,890. The fact that you can play Deep Rock Galactic on different platforms helps this figure, but it’s still super amazing, considering the modest beginnings of the game. 

In addition to the player numbers, the 2022 overview for the game also has a few fun in-game stats, like fall damage and friendly fire. Rest assured; you’re not the only ones raging at your friends. 

To see the entire infographic with all the different stats, visit the Deep Rock 2022 overview on Steam. 

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