Deep Rock Galactic: The Great Egg Hunt 2023 Guide

New seasonal events mean new cosmetics; get the details here.

It’s Easter time on Hoxxes IV. The Mining Rig is freshly redecorated, and players can partake in a new Seasonal Assignment for cosmetics and other goodies. The Great Egg Hunt event is live from now until April 20, 2023. Keep reading for our guide on how to complete Deep Rock Galactic’s The Great Egg Hunt quests for 2023. 

The Great Egg Hunt 2023 Guide

To get everything from the Great Egg Hunt event in Deep Rock Galactic, players need to complete the new Egg Hunt assignments and watch out for Spring Bunnies to collect. The Great Egg Hunt Assignment is exactly what it sounds like a series of Egg Hunt missions. Our first one was the longest at 8 eggs to gather and had the Low Oxygen modifier. Resupply Pods and the MULE can replenish the oxygen bar on the right side of the screen. Once it runs out, miners will rapidly take health damage.

The Great Egg Hunt Quest Deep Rock Galactic

If you’re playing solo, use the Driller to path to the eggs and keep the MULE with you. Playing a mobile class like the Scout can be more helpful in a group. Remember, you can hold CTRL to see the MULE through walls or bring it to your location by pressing C. Just don’t pull it from teammates in need. The DRG community is friendly; don’t be afraid to talk to your teammates and coordinate.

How to Recover Lost Spring Bunnies

These mechanical bunnies appear in missions and grant a bonus towards the Performance Pass. Like a Fester Flea, they will run away when Dwarves come close. Deal damage to the Spring Bunny until it’s disabled, and you can carry and deposit it like any large item. Scouts and Engineers are best suited for keeping up with them. 

The Great Egg Hunt Bunny Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic The Great Egg Hunt 2023 Rewards

For completing the missions in The Great Egg Hunt 2023, players will receive the following rewards:

  • 15000 Credits
  • 550 Crafting Minerals
  • 20 Brewing Ingredients
  • 1 Overclock Infused Matrix Core
  • 1 Cosmetic Infused Matrix Core
  • 2 Eggsquisite Hats
The Great Egg Hunt 2023 Rewards Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic Last Year’s Spring Fashion Assignment

This is for players that missed the previous Easter event and want those cosmetics. They have an eggshell hat and bunny mask. Some crafting materials and credits have been thrown in as a bonus. The mission types tend towards longer runs that benefit from having a full team of the 4 classes, so run your class of choice and find some players to group up with.

For completing Last Year’s Spring Fashion assignment, players will receive the following rewards:

  • 10000 Credits
  • 200 Crafting Minerals
  • 2 Spring Hats – Last Year’s Fashion
Last Year's Fashion Rewards Deep Rock Galactic

That was our Deep Rock Galactic Great Egg Hunt 2023 Event guide; what a mouthful. We wish our Dwarves the best as the Plaguefall season continues, and may they get the Overclocks they always wanted.

R&D can buff out those scratches, right? And repaint the singed bits? Maybe sending armed miners to recover Easter toys wasn’t Management’s best idea.

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