Dwarf Fortress: How to Heal and Create Hospitals

If you plan on fighting, you'll need to learn how to heal your wounds.

Dwarf Fortress, the 2D sprite simulation game developed by Bay 12 Games, is a popular hit among city simulation fans, but not every aspect of the game is straightforward. One of the things you may have noticed is maimed, sick, or hurt Dwarves. These Dwarves may vomit all over your Fortress, which is a big mess. Luckily, there are ways to heal them, as long as you build the right equipment. 


How to Heal in Dwarf Fortress

To heal your Dwarves, you’ll need to construct a Hospital Zone and install a Traction bench. Finally, you must assign Doctors to the Hospital and create the proper equipment, like splints and crutches

Constructing a Hospital Zone

To create a Hospital Zone in Dwarf Fortress, 

  1. Click Zone (z).
  2. Select Meeting Area
  3. Left-click the Meeting Area, then click the + ?️.
  4. Select the New hospital button. 
Hospital Zone, Dwarf Fortress
Hospital Zone

This new meeting area is now a Hospital Zone, and your Dwarves will automatically go here when injured or sick. 

Installing the Proper Furniture in the Hospital Zone

Hospitals in Dwarf Fortress require the following pieces of Furniture: 

  • Beds: Carpenter’s Workshop
  • Tables: Stoneworker’s Workshop, Carpenter’s Workshop, Metalsmith’s Forge
  • Traction benches: Mechanic’s Workshop
  • Chests: Carpenter’s Workshop

Assigning Doctors and Creating Hospital Equipment

Before any of your Dwarves are cured, you need to assign some Dwarves as doctors. To do this, click the Hospital Zone, then click the ➕ next to Doctor. Some Dwarves may be more skilled at healing than others, like your Chief Medical Dwarf. 

You can assign the following medical professionals to your Hospital: 

  • Doctor
  • Diagnostician
  • Surgeon
  • Bone Doctor
Assigning Doctor in Dwarf Fortress
Assigning Doctor

The last thing you need to do is ensure that the Hospital has all the equipment required to heal your Dwarves. The following items are necessary to cure different ailments: 

  • Thread: Farmer’s Workshop
  • Cloth: Loom
  • Splints: Carpenter’s Workshop
  • Crutches: Carpenter’s Workshop
  • Powder for casts: Kiln
  • Buckets: Carpenter’s Workshop
  • Soap: Soap Maker’s Workshop

Once you have all these items, the Hospital Zone, and the proper Furniture, your Dwarves will automatically visit the Hospital Zone when they are injured or sick. If they are knocked out, other Dwarves can transport them to the Hospital Zone. 

Without a Hospital in Dwarf Fortress, Dwarves are just left to die slowly. It’s very sad to see, and a puddle of vomit or blood will always remind you that you didn’t build one fast enough. 

If you don’t have any Doctors as Dwarves, it’s okay. They will be poor at healing at first but, over time, will gain the skills they need to save your Dwarves in life-threatening situations. 

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