Escape from Tarkov Patch Notes (March 21)

The Escape from Tarkov Patch Notes for March 21, 2023, include changes to Fence bonuses and extract reputation. 

Battlestate Games, the creators of Escape from Tarkov, dropped a fairly small update today. This extraction game has gained massive popularity, but patch notes are a bit hard to find. Here’s everything that changed in the latest update. 

Escape from Tarkov Patch Notes March 21

The Escape from Tarkov patch notes for March 21, 2023, include the following: 

  • Fence reputation bonuses have been improved if you have a higher reputation.
  • At max LL, Fence restocks items more frequently and prioritizes higher-quality items.
  • Scav-PMC extracts now give more reputation.
  • Vehicle extract discounts are increased.
  • Scav box timer is reduced.
  • Amount of available Scav extracts is increased.

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Like many minor patches, this one doesn’t really include many game-changing alterations, just a few tweaks. 

The patch notes were taken from the official Battlestate Games Twitter

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