Streets of Tarkov: All Extract Locations Map and Guide

Ready to extract in Escape from Tarkov’s Streets of Tarkov? You need to know where the extraction points are. This guide will show you where to locate each point. 

If you’ve just killed a stacked PMC and are ready to get the heck off the map, you don’t have time to try to locate every extraction location in Streets of Tarkov. Luckily, we’ve created this useful guide you can use to identify every single extract there is on the map.

Streets of Tarkov: All Extract Locations Map

The Streets of Tarkov extract map shows all the important locations, including the extract locations and what they look like in-game. 

Streets of Tarkov Map and All Extract Location Images
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All Extracts in Streets of Tarkov

The extracts in Streets of Tarkov include the following: 


Underpass Extract Location

The Underpass extract is located the very north of the Streets of Tarkov, in the subway.

Sewer River

Sewer River Extract Location

The Sewer River extract is located underground next to the derailed train to the east.

Damaged House

Damaged House Extract Location

The Damaged House extract is located to the east of the map, in the hallway of some ruined apartment buildings.

Evacuation Zone

Evacuation Zone Extract Location

The Evacuation Zone extract is located southwest on the map. in the middle of the street next to some road construction.

Collapsed Crane

Collapsed Crane Extract Location

The Collapsed Crane extract is behind Sparja Grocery, in the west, next to the giant yellow demolished crane.

Scav Checkpoint

Scav Checkpoint Extract

The Scav Checkpoint extract location is in the northwest, next to dividers in a small Scav encampment.

Primorsky Ave Taxi V-Ex

Primorsky Ave Taxi V-Ex

The Primorsky Ave Taxi V-Ex is to the very south of the map, but is only available to PMCs when the black SUV is present and you have 5,000 Rubles in your inventory.


Courtyard Extract

The Courtyard extract is located to the southeast of the map but is only active when the green flare is present.

Kimlov Street

Kimlov Street

The Kimlov Street extract is in the northeast and is only useable if you have a green flare and shoot it off before extracting.

Basement Descent

Basement Descent

The Basement Descent extract is to the northwest and is designated by a brown metal door with flyers on it.

Entrance to Catacombs

Entrance to Catacombs

The Entrance to the Catacombs extract is located inside of this apartment complex, down a narrow hallway in the east of the map.



Players can find the Sewer extract point to the southwest, next to the Concordia Apartments.

Ventilation Shaft

Ventilation Shaft

The Ventilation Shaft extract can be found in the southeast and is right in front of the Cinema.

Hopefully, this guide and map will help you get off the Streets of Tarkov so you can get back to your Hideout and bank all that sweet loot you were able to get.

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