Escape from Tarkov: Kimlov Street Extract (Cease Fire! Quest Guide)

To complete the quest Cease Fire, you’ll need to extract from Kimlov Street in the new Escape from Tarkov map, Streets of Tarkov. Here’s where it’s located and how you can use it. 

If you’ve tried extracting from the Kimlov Street extract location in Streets of Tarkov to no avail, you’re not missing something–players need to deploy a green flare in order for the extract to activate. Luckily, the Cease Fire quest is given out by Jaeger and puts 2 green flares in players’ inventories. Once you obtain the quest, you’ll be able to extract from this location.

Escape from Tarkov: Kimlov Street Extract – Cease Fire Quest Guide

The flares players need to extract from Kimlov street are called RSP-30 reactive signal cartridges (Green) and are provided by Jaeger for the task Cease Fire! To complete the quest, travel to Kimlova Street on the north side of the Pinewood Hotel, then select the flare and shoot it into the air. Wait 8-10 seconds, then walk into Kimlova Street. 

Kimlov Street Extract Location
Kimlov Street Extract Location

Without shooting the green flare, Kimlova Street is a death trap with a sniper waiting to take your head off. After firing the green flare, the Scav sniper will stop targeting you, enabling you to extract safely. 

Unlike other flares in the game, the green flare is only used for special extract, not to drop a supply drop. Perhaps the developers of the game plan on adding more flares for different situations in the future. All you need to know about the Kimlov extract is that you must pop the green flare before using it.

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