Escape from Tarkov: How to Adjust Crouch Height and Speed

If you’re trying to be safer in Escape from Tarkov, knowing how and when to adjust your crouch height enables you to peek without exposing your entire body, and adjusting your crouch speed allows you to lurk around silently, like a ninja.

There are a lot of nuanced and useful mechanics in the extraction game Escape from Tarkov. It’s really these mechanics that make the game more like a military simulation than an arcade shooter and what has attracted and retained players from around the world. One essential aspect many new players are unaware of is adjusting their crouch height and speed. Our guide will fill you in on what you’ve been missing. 

How to Adjust Crouch Height in Escape from Tarkov

Hold the crouch button (c) to adjust your crouch height, then scroll your mouse wheel up to stand higher and mouse wheel down to crouch lower. There are seven dots next to your character portrait when you’re crouching, which indicates your model’s elevation. The higher the dot, the higher you are standing. 

Crouch Height

This mechanic is great when you want to shoot over cover but are too low. By adjusting your elevation incrementally, you can peek more safely and present less of your body when engaging in firefights. 

How to Adjust Crouch Speed in Escape from Tarkov

Crouch speed indicates how fast you move when crouched–the quicker you go, the louder you are, which is indicated by the speaker icon under your crouch height. Use mouse scroll down to reduce your crouched walking speed and mouse scroll up to increase the speed. 

The slower you move, the more stealthy you are and the less that other players can hear you. This mechanic is especially handy if you’re trying to get away to extract, but enemies are swarming your area. 

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