Escape from Tarkov: Streets of Tarkov Concordia Apartment 64 Key Room Location

If you’ve come across the Concordia Apartment 64 Key and are looking for the loot room on the Escape from Tarkov map, Streets of Tarkov, we have the precise location. 

One of the most exciting things you’ll loot in the extraction game, Escape from Tarkov, is loot room keys. These randomly spawn all over the map, and finding the doors they unlock isn’t always easy. One of the keys you’ve probably found by now is the Concordia Apartment 64 Key. Here’s where you can find the apartment in the game. 

Streets of Tarkov Concordia Apartment 64 Key Room Location

The Concordia Apartment 64 Key room location is in the L-shaped Concordia apartments on the second floor of the entrance marked with a 3. Once you enter through the doors, take a right, then walk up to the second floor. Apartment 64 will be at the end of the hallway.

Once inside the apartment, you’ll find Bitcoin and a lootable computer that you can check out to get some extra loot. While the apartment isn’t the greatest loot room in the game, it is good for some quick income. 

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