How to Extract in Marauders

Struggling to escape your raids in Marauders? Here's a guide on how to extract in Marauders.

Marauders, the fun, high-octane extraction shooter developed by Small Impact Games, is one of the most promising new IPs in recent memory. The mixture of fast-paced FPS action with a dieselpunk aesthetic makes this extraction shooter stand out amongst its peers. Since the game is so new, many players may have questions. One of the most important aspects of any extraction game is how to get out of a raid so you can sell your loot. Here’s how to extract in Marauders

How to Extract in Marauders

To extract in Marauders, find the hangar door for your ship and use your Captain’s Key Card to exit the raid by interacting with the panel in front of the hangar door at the docking station you used to enter the raid. Alternatively, you can escape a raid using the Escape Pods found on each map. Once in space, find an Escape Gate, which is your extraction point. Escape Gates look like rotating space stations with glowing yellow portals. 

There will be one or two Escape Gates per map. See the picture of an Escape Gate below. 

Escape Gate in Marauders
Escape Gate, Marauders

How to Find Docking Station and Escape Pods

The best way to find your Docking Station is to remember what the text says above the gate when you first enter the raid. If you have problems remembering, you can always take a screenshot to refer back to later. Escape Pods and docking ports are illuminated by red lights. Following the red lights will usually result in finding the port you need if all else fails. Interact with the computer panel in front of the door to leave the raid.

Docking Station in Marauders
Docking Station, Marauders

Do not slot another person’s Captain Key Card in your key slot unless you plan on stealing their ship. If you do this, you’ll be unable to open the door that is holding the ship you came into the raid in. 

The Escape Pods in your ship can be found on the bottom floor in the engine room.

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