Marauders To Add New Raid, Planet Killer

The developers of Marauders are busy with more updates planned for June. 

The developers of Marauders, Small Impact Games, just updated the community on upcoming changes coming next month via Steam Dev Blog #4. In addition to a brand new raid in the works, tournaments have started, and new weapons will be added.

What is Changing in the Marauder’s June Update?

Here are a few key details from the post:

  • Mini Frigate raid is being added. It will exist near the Colony Cruiser raid location. Must use Breach Pod to enter. 
  • Adding MAS-44, a 5.56 semi-auto rifle with a 10-round magazine. Will replace the M16 for United Allies. 
  • Adding SPP-1, a 4-chamber dart pistol that will use a new ammo type, darts. 
  • New Tournaments: Fallen Empire and Blood Nomad challenges have been added. 
  • Planet Killer Base will be added after the June Update at a to-be-determined date. 
  • New Slot Machine was teased
  • Colony Cruiser will get two more airlocks. 

That’s much more content, so we want to see how it affects the game. The devs are watching for the popularity of new raids, as returning players want to play the new content, making these areas especially hot.

While the devs didn’t set an exact date for the June Mauraduers update, we’ll be sure to keep you posted over in our news section