Marauders United Allies is the Game’s Biggest Update Ever

The new Marauders update will introduce an arsenal of new weapons, a fleet of new spaceships, and proximity chat.

Marauders, the extraction and raid game developed by Small Impact Games and published by Team17, just announced the largest update ever for the early access title called Untied Allies. (h/t NME) The update rolls out to servers on April 25, 2023, and will include a massive new raidable cruiser for the United Allies faction. Like the last major update, the Ace Update, this patch will add new raids and a bunch of new content.

In total, the United Allies update will include 14 new ships that players can purchase from a vendor or commandeer while in a raid. New weapons include a China Lake grenade launch, Sherman plate armor, and hand grenades, the latter of which has been a highly-requested item from the community since the game’s early access launch in October 2022. Adding new explosives and projectiles will now make routing out pesky enemy campers much easier and add some needed depth to the already high-paced FPS gunplay. 

Watch the trailer for the Marauders United Allies update below: 

In addition to the new items and ships being added to the game, there will also be several QoL updates, including proximity chat for in-game communication. Now raiders can make a truce with other players in standoff situations. Just remember — this is an extraction game, so trust no one

Players will automatically download the update on Steam when it launches on April 25. 

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