Marauders United Allies Introduces New Raid, Tournament Mode, and Proximity Chat

The Marauders United Allies patch notes just dropped. Here’s a recap on the biggest update since the game’s early access release on Steam. 

Last week we reported on the Marauders United Allies update, and today it has officially launched. Along with the new raid and explosives that players can get their hands on, there were a few surprises that are sure to get the community excited.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was the addition of a new Tournaments mode. Players can now click the Tournament button on the main screen for weekly rewards that players can obtain for completing specific tasks. Currently, it’s set to a Marksman Competition to see who can get the most headshots, with the top 1,000 players receiving a Large Supply Drop for their efforts. 

Marauders Tournaments

Perhaps the biggest change, however, is the addition of the new United Allies Colony Cruiser, a mobile raid defended by powerful turrets, and the introduction of grenades and other explosives for players to use to route out enemy campers.

The Marauders United Allies update will introduce the following explosives:

  • Flash Bomb 
  • Smoke Bomb 
  • Scrap Bombs
  • Grenade Box Supply Crate
  • China Lake Grenade Launcher
  • Mini Thumper Grenade Launcher

There were also a ton of additional items and weapons added in this update, including Barbed Wire Traps, Fire Traps, Breakable Barriers, and more. 

Players can also now salvage materials from Breach Pods that they blow up in space — making the spaceship combat more useful in terms of resources. 

Undoubtedly, this update has enough content to bring back players that might have gotten bored of the game. The developers continue to expand and take feedback from the community, so it’s great to see. 

For the full patch notes, visit the Marauders Steam Update.