Marauders Excavation Update Drops July 4

Extraction fans, get ready; another big update is coming, including a new raid and boss.

Marauders is one of my personal favorite extraction games currently out, and it’s getting another big update. The developers of the game, Small Impact Games, have announced the Excavation Update, which will include a new raid on an industrial mining vessel and a new boss named The Warden. Here’s everything we know so far, including the Excavation Update trailer. 

Marauders Excavation Update Trailer

The trailer for the Excavation Update shows us a sneak peek into the new raid that will drop on July 4, 2023. According to the developers, the Mining Frigate is an industrial mining vessel that mines asteroids.

Players will have to navigate the winding corridors of the vessel while engaging the pumped-up military forces protecting the game’s new boss, The Warden. 

The Warden Boss

The new Warden Raid Boss is the captain of the Mining Frigate and is on the hunt to capture the prisoners that are actively revolting. Accompanying this new raid boss will be a set of geared security forces, which players will be able to loot for some sick rewards. 

While they’ll be tough to take down, there are also great benefits to defeating The Warden. The Warden boss is capable of dropping the Jackhammer shotgun, heavy shields, and the Warden Riot Helmet, the highest-tier armor in the game. 

Visit the developer blog for the full announcement. 

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