Forspoken Gameplay Footage for PC Reveals High-End Graphics

Forspoken Trailer Screenshot

Squire Enix, publishers of the highly-anticipated third-person action-adventure game, Forspoken, just released a new PC gameplay trailer showcasing some of the game’s enhanced graphics.

If you’re not excited about the upcoming action/adventure game developed by Luminous Productions, Forspoken, then the new gameplay footage released by Square Enix today should get your blood pumping just a bit more. While any true gamer will tell you graphics aren’t everything, some of the in-game graphic customization options will have many yearning for the hardware to run it. 

Forspoken PC Gameplay Footage

The minute-long gameplay footage shows off some of the new graphics settings and the differences between medium-low graphics and ultra-high settings. 

Forspoken will also support super widescreen monitors, allowing those with a super wide display to enjoy the UHD gameplay without having to view it in a window. 

Forspoken releases on January 24, 2023, for PC and PlayStation 5. 

If you’re wondering whether your rig can handle the game, check out the Forspoken PC Requirements to ensure that you can run it before you charge your card. Players can pre-order Forspoken for Steam and PlayStation.

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