Forspoken: How to Complete the Scatter Shot Spellcraft Challenges

Image: Gamer Digest/Forspoken

If you love the Scatter Shot ability with Frey’s Magic in Forspoken but have no idea how to level it up via the Spellcraft challenges, we’ve got a quick guide to walk you through it. 

How to Complete the Scatter Shot Spellcraft Challenges

The Scatter Shot Spellcraft challenge is a bit confusing because single shots with the skill do not count towards the damage you need to inflict at Level 1 of the Spellcraft Challenge. To complete the quest, hold down R2 (left-click on keyboard) and then release it to unleash the powerful piercing attack. Doing this on a large group of enemies should complete the task at all 3 levels. 

The best location to complete this quest are areas with a lot of enemies, like Dianthus Wood. See our Spellcraft Challenges guide for more tips on completing the challenges quickly. 

Here are the requirements for all the Scatter Shot Spellcraft challenges: 

  • Level 1: Build up power and damage enemies (0/10000).
  • Level 2: Build up power and strike enemies within 60 seconds (1/1500).
  • Level 3: Inflict piercing attacks on 2 enemies (0/20).

Completing the challenges will increase the Scatter Shot’s damage and provide +1 to Frey’s Magic. 

Image: Gamer Digest/Forspoken

If you are having trouble on Level 2 of the mission, you are not doing enough damage to the enemy in a 60-second timespan. The description for the quest is a little confusing, but you need to inflict 1,500 points of damage to an enemy within 1-minute of initially engaging them. 

If you are too low-powered or don’t have enough Purple Magic, you may not do enough damage to complete the challenge in the time allotted. We recommend focusing on a large group of mobs from far away to get the most damage out of your charge. 

If you still have trouble, watch the video of us completing the level 2 and 3 challenges below. 

Did this quest initially give you problems? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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