How to Make Health Potions in Forspoken

If you keep dying in Forspoken, it may be because you need more health consumables or Healing Draughts to keep you alive in battle. Here’s everything you need to know about health and healing in Forspoken. 

In Forspoken, health potions are called Healing Draughts and can be crafted in any Refuge in the game. You can use these consumables between or during battles, making them indispensable throughout your playthrough. 

Each time you are hit, your health goes down in the bottom left corner. The number next to your health bar represents the number of items you have, in this example, Healing Draughts. To use a Healing Draught, press down on the D-pad (C on keyboard).

Image: Gamer Digest/Forspoken

The diamonds above your health bar represent your Stamina, which naturally regenerates over time if you aren’t using your Magic Parkour abilities. 

Certain item buffs can regenerate your health over time. Upgrade your equipment at the crafting table. 

How to Create Healing Draughts

To create health potions, visit a Refuge on the map or set up camp, walk up to the crafting table and interact with it. To craft health potions, you’ll need Balm Flax x2, a green plant found in the game world in fields or chests. Select Healing Draught and hit X (Enter on keyboard). You can hold the button or key to produce all the Draughts possible with the remaining Balm Flax. 

To find a Refuge, open up the main menu screen and navigate to the map. A Refuge is symbolized by a house icon on the map and can be used to fast-travel across Athia. 

Refuge in Forspoken

To increase the number of Health Draughts that Frey can carry — visit the workbench and select the upgrade, Increase Medicine Pouch Capacity. Doing so requires 1 Nugget, which can be found in random locations in the game world. 

As you complete certain missions across Athia, you will unlock stat upgrades that will increase your overall health pool and out-of-combat health regen. 

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