Forspoken: How to Defeat the Recreant Knight (Tanta Sila Minion Chapter 3)

Stop dying and read our guide instead.

If you’ve hopped into the action-adventure RPG created by Square Enix, Forspoken, you may have already encountered the game’s first serious boss — the Recreant Knight in Chapter 3. If you’re having trouble defeating them, this guide was created to help you. 

Unless you want to sit there for an hour hitting away at the Recreant Knight, you’ll need to follow a pretty specific strategy to take them down. Here are a few tips on how to defeat the Tanta Sila minion, the Recreant Knight, in Chapter 3 of Forspoken. 

How to Defeat the Recreant Knight 

The Recreant Knight resists magic, so straight-on attacks will do minimal damage. Players must target the wings of the Recreant Knight first, then finish it off by attacking its body. Focusing or locking onto the boss will cause you to auto-aim on its body, so counter-intuitively, do not lock onto the Recreant Knight. Instead, aim for his wings manually and continue to damage them until they burn off. 

When the Recreant Knight has wings, it can fly in the air and perform very damaging attacks. Dodge the attacks, many of which have a pretty large windup, and you should be okay. Once both wings are destroyed, the Knight will be very weak, and you should be able to take them out easily. Hitting up on the D-pad (X on the keyboard) will scan bosses, giving clues on how to defeat them. 

Image: Gamer Digest/Forspoken

Once you defeat the Recreant Knight, you’ll continue the story and can move on to the next mission. Watch us defeat the Recreant Knight on YouTube below.

Did you have trouble killing the Recreant Knight at first? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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