How to Get a Pet in Forspoken

If you’ve seen videos of people with cute pets in the newest RPG by Square Enix, Forspoken, and have wanted one — this guide was made for you. 

Everyone should love cats, and the developers and creators of Forspoken certainly do. From showing you special loot around the map to becoming your very own pet, the creators of Forspoken give cats love in many different ways in the game. If you’ve wondered how to get a pet in Forspoken so that you have someone to visit in your various Refuges, then we have your answer. 

How to Get a Pet in Forspoken

To get a pet in Forspoken, players must activate The Tantas’ Familiars quests found throughout the world. Open the main menu, select the map tab, then look for missions with a paw print. Select the icon to create a waypoint, then visit it and complete the Tantas Familars quest there. 

Tantas Familiars Quests

Befriending Tantas Familiars

Once you activate the quest, you’ll need to sneak up on the Familiar to add them to your hideouts. To do this, walk up to the familiar and hold L2 (RMB), to sneak down low. When the yellow exclamation mark appears over their head, stop moving. Once it goes away, you can keep getting closer to the Familiar. Finally, when you reach the Familiar, interact with it, and it will become available in your Refuges and rooms in town. 

Befriending a Tantas Familar in Forspoken

The Familiar’s field of view does not impact whether it can see you or not, so don’t waste time trying to sneak up behind it.

What is your favorite Familiar in Forspoken? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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