Forspoken: How to Craft the Unbroken Cloak

Find this hidden cloak with our guide.

In Forspoken, players can obtain many types of Cloaks throughout their adventures, but the Unbroken Cloak is one of the hidden ones you must craft to get. 

Cloaks in Forspoken provide the Frey with defense and magical buffs and bonuses. The Unbroken Cloak is one of the more powerful Cloaks in the game but is hidden behind a somewhat elaborate task. Here’s how you can obtain the Unbroken Cloak.

How to Craft the Unbroken Cloak

To craft the Unbroken Cloak, players need to purchase a Sewing Kit from the Curio Collector in Inner Visoria. From there, they can craft the cloak at any crafting table in a Refuge or camp with 3 Fluteblossom, 3 Bumbershoot, and 3 Lucid Garland.

Before you craft the cloak, you’ll need to purchase a Sewing Kit from a hidden vendor, which costs Old Coins. Collect 64 Old Coins from chests found around Athia. Fast-travel to the Inner Visoria Belfry, then head west to the Curiosity Shop. See the map below for the precise locations. Once you arrive, purchase the Sewing Kit from the Curio Collector. 

To craft the cloak, visit any refuge and walk up to your crafting table and select Craft. Select the Unbroken Cloak, which should be unlocked now that you have the Sewing Kit from the Curio Collector. 

The Unbroken Cloak requires the following ingredients: 

  • Fluteblossom x3
  • Bumbershoot x3
  • Lucid Garland x3
Unbroken Cloak, Forspoken

The Unbroken Cloak has the following effects: 

  • Critical hits can absorb enemy health. 
  • Critical hits boost Surge Magic recharge rate. 
  • Cuff Counters improve Surge Magic recharge rate. 

These stat boosts are pretty overpowered, making the Unbroken Cloak one of the best in the game. Crafting the Unbroken Cloak, along with the Home Sweet Hell necklace, will grant the player the Craftsperson Trophy. 

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