How to Get a Chook (Chicken) in Dinkum

Chooks are a good place to start your animal farm in DInkum. Here's how to get a Chook (chicken) in Dinkum.

One of Dinkum’s most fun and wonderful aspects is creating your animal and plant farms. As a social town-sim, it’s no surprise that farming is core to the game, but it might not be as obvious or straightforward as you’d think. One of the first animals you start with is called a Chook. Here’s how to get a pet Chook or chicken in Dinkum. 

Before starting, you’ll want to create a fenced-in area for your baby chicken. You can do this with Palm Logs, Gum Logs, and Hardwood Logs. Cut down trees to get logs and use the Table Saw to cut planks. You’ll also need Spinifex Resin to complete your fencing. 

How to Get a Chook (Chicken) in Dinkum

Here’s how to get a Chook or Chicken in Dinkum: 

  1. Visit Erwin when he visits your island. 
  2. Walk up to the Baby Chook and hit the E key
  3. Buy the Baby Chook for 5,000 Dinks. 
  4. Right-click the Baby Chook box to pick it up. 
  5. Left click to release the Baby Chook in a fenced-in area. 
How to Get a Chook (Chicken) in Dinkum
Image via Gamer Digest/Dinkum

How to Care for Your Pet Chook (Chicken) in Dinkum 

Here’s how you care for your pet Chook (chicken) in Dinkum: 

  1. Buy an Animal Feeder from Erwin for 1,516 Dinks. 
  2. Equip the Animal Feeder to your toolbar and place it in the fenced-in area. 
  3. Fill the Animal Feeder with Animal Food. You can buy food from Erwin or make it in the Grain Mill with 10 Grass Seed.
  4. Continue to fill the Animal Feeder as your chicken eats the food. 
  5. Build a Bird Coop at the Crafting Table to give your chicken a place to live. 
  6. Right-click your chicken to pet it and show it affection. 
  7. Eventually, your Baby Chook will grow into an Adult Chook

You can then hit the ESC key and click the Animals tab to see your chicken’s happiness! Don’t worry if the happiness is low at first, your Chook will become happier as you feed and pet it.

How to Get a Chook (Chicken) in Dinkum
Image via Gamer Digest/Dinkum

Make sure to give it a Bird Coop so it can stay warm and happy during the fall and winter seasons. 

To build a Bird Coop in Dinkum, you’ll need the following materials: 

  • 4 Copper Bars
  • 4 Spinifex Tufts
  • 2 Tin Sheets
  • 3 Gum Wood Planks
  • 4 Nails
How to Get a Chook (Chicken) in Dinkum
Image via Gamer Digest/Dinkum

Once your Chooks grow to be Adult Chooks, they will start laying Chicken Eggs. Chicken Eggs are great food and used in various recipes at the Cooking Table. A raw Chicken Egg gives you a +5 stamina boost. If you cook a Chicken Egg on the campfire, you get a Fried Egg, which is even better and gives you a +10 stamina boost. 

To see all food bonuses and stats, click here.

And there you have it! You should now be able to get a pet Chook (chicken) in Dinkum!

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