How to Fix Undisputed Not Loading

Undisputed, the early-access boxing game on Steam has a few bugs that may make loading into a match impossible. If you’ve been scratching your head and are trying to find a solution, this guide will help. 

If you like dipping and dodging, throwing lefts and rights and are enjoying the action in Undisputed, it might be pretty brutal to load up the game to enter a match only for it to get stuck on the loading screen forever. This bug is common in the community, but luckily there is a pretty easy fix. If you’re tired of sitting it out in your corner, this guide will walk you through how to fix Undisputed from not loading

How to Fix Undisputed Not Loading Bug

The most common solution to fix the game from not loading is to verify the integrity of game files. Typically, this bug will occur after a major update and may be caused by file corruption when downloading the new game assets. To verify the integrity of your game files: 

  1. Open Steam. 
  2. Right-click Undisputed and select Properties
  3. Click the Local Files tab. 
  4. Select the option to Verify integrity of game files…
How to Fix Undisputed Not Loading Bug Verifying integrity of game files

After selecting the option, Steam will run through the Undisputed game files and try to locate and re-download the corrupted file. This may take a few minutes, so let the platform run the full scan before closing the window. Once Steam finishes running the scan, you can restart Undisputed and should be able to connect to servers. 

If this doesn’t work, make sure that the Undisputed servers are up by checking the game’s official Twitter page. There is a chance servers could be down, in which case, no one can play the game online. Also, ensure your computer is connected to the internet, especially if you’re reading this on your phone. 

Lastly, if none of this works, you should, unfortunately, try reinstalling your game. Yes, we know this is a common suggestion, but it is one because it usually works. To do that, right-click on Undisputed, hover over Manage, and select Uninstall. Once it uninstalls, double-click it to reinstall it on your computer. 

Hopefully, this helped you fix the Undisputed not loading bug, and you can get back into the ring and start laying down some punches. 

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