Undisputed Patch Notes (March 15)

The Undisputed Patch Notes for March 15, 2023, version 10766709, include stability improvements, gameplay changes, and bug fixes. 

The most recent patch to the boxing game developed by Steel City Interactive, Undisputed, addresses ongoing concerns with gameplay and network stability, as well as tweaks and updates to boxers. 

Undisputed Patch Notes March 15

The Undisputed Patch Notes for March 15, 2023, includes the following: 

Online Stability and Cheaters

While not the total fix players have been seeking, there have been minor changes to online play. 

  • A slight reduction in the number of disconnections online. 
  • Bans for known cheaters. 

Gameplay Changes

Punch damage modifiers have been significantly tweaked, making flash knockouts more common and making cuts and swelling a more impactful aspect of the bout. 

  • Increased base flash knockout chance.
  • Increased the chance of cuts or bruises occurring.
  • Increased damage to cuts and bruises.
  • Increased stamina usage for power punches.
  • Increased damage dealt by hooks to the head.
  • Increased damage dealt to block health.
  • Tweaks to AI stamina. 

Bug Fixes

Minor QoL enhancements and fixes were made for the March 15 update including: 

  • General improvements to how we handle online connections.
  • Moved ‘Counter Punch Modifier’ from the Speed category to the Strength category.
  • Fixed an issue causing the fight Select UI continuing to show and overlapping with other areas of the game.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to sometimes get stuck on the transition screen after being kicked from a custom lobby.
  • Fixed an issue that meant one of Sergio Martinez’s traits wasn’t correctly displaying the trait description.
  • Fixed multiple issues relating to taking a knee.
  • Other miscellaneous changes. 

Boxer Changes

Stat changes were made for Ryan Garcia, Josh Taylor, Joe Joyce, and 19 other boxers. 

We’ll continue to update you as more changes to the game are made in Early Access and beyond.

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