Undisputed Adds Carl Frampton, Riddick Bowe, and Xu Can

Forward slip mechanics and stance-switching have also been updated.

Hey, there, fighting fans; I’ve got another juicy update from the developers of Undisputed, Steel City Interactive. This time, they are adding three new boxers, two new venues, and a new diagonal dodge to the game in what they call The Big Daddy Update

In addition to Carl Frampton, Riddick Bowe, and Xu Can being added to the roster, the developers also added a new venue called the C7 Hangar and Falcor Bay. The C7 Hangar is a west-coast aircraft hangar that was converted into an events hall, while the Falcor Bay is a venue in a traditional Mediterranean town. 

Dodge and movement mechanics have also been updated. Players can now slip or dodge forward right or forward left to close the distance. Players can do this by holding the right bumper down and then flicking the left joystick up or down. Stance-switching is now a thing in online play as well, which should be a relief to the ambidextrous, as it’s been disabled since the launch of the Early Access release. 

A few stamina and damage changes have also been implemented, including stamina not being able to drop under 30%, which should significantly impact how fights develop, especially toward the later rounds. 

A host of other minor tweaks were also made, which can be viewed on the Steam post for the update. 

While this isn’t the career mode or announcement for the console port — the two huge announcements everyone’s been waiting for, it does shine some hope for the title, as it’s still obviously being worked on and updated by the developers. 

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