Undisputed Adds 3 New Boxers, Improves AI

Undisputed, the boxing game created by Steel City Interactive, just released a new update introducing Joe Calzaghe and Tommy Morrison. 

Fight fans, I have got some news for you. Undisputed Boxing, formerly Esports Boxing Club, just added three new fighters in Joe Calzaghe, Tommy Morrison, and Aadam Hamed. Adding more boxers to the roster gives players opportunities to play their favorite real-life fighters. 

In addition to the new boxers joining the game, the update also includes three new venues, including: 

  • Lighthouse Theatre
  • Magna
  • Santiago Gym

AI Boxers Now Have Brains

No, we’re not talking about the AI revolution here, but we are talking about boxing strategy. AI fighters will now have a game plan in mind and can be more or less aggressive and adjust accordingly throughout a fight. In addition, AI will now try to gain the upper hand in positioning and can feint, clinch, and push in a fight. This should make daily challenges, and AI battles a bit more engaging and fun, as the old AI was fairly rudimentary.

Still no word on single-player campaign mode or when console compatibility will become available, but we’ll be sure to update you when that does happen. 

To view the full patch notes and all the changes, visit the Undisputed website.

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