How to Fly Forever with Damselfly in Smalland

If you’ve gotten to the end of Smalland: Survive the Wilds and just got yourself a Damselfly mount, it may be somewhat underwhelming at first. Here’s a glitch we found that will let you fly as high and for as long as you want while mounted on your Damselfly in Smalland.

Smalland is a new survival game available for PC in Early Access on Steam that puts players in the role of tiny creatures called Smallfolk that must traverse a world filled with environmental hazards and giant carnivorous bugs. Eventually, toward the endgame, players gain access to a flying mount called a Damselfly, and there is a way to glitch it out so that you fly forever. Here’s how to do it. 

How to Fly Forever with Damselfly in Smalland

To fly forever, hit spacebar to fly upward while mounted on your Damselfly, then release the spacebar when your Damselfly reaches 0 stamina and hit the spacebar again quickly before it starts regenerating stamina. Holding down spacebar will now enable you to take flight forever. You can press WASD to maneuver your Damselfly and release spacebar when you’re ready to land. 

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Using this method can make you achieve great heights and circumvent any evil insects that might be giving you trouble. The game’s developers, Merge Games, might find out about this and patch it in the future, but it still works as of the time of writing. 

It may take you a few tries before you can fully do it, but luckily — your Damselfly won’t take any damage as long as you aren’t landing in water. While we’re on the topic — don’t go into the water, or your mount will instantly die, and it won’t automatically hover over it. Believe me; I found out the hard way.

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