How to Make Wen in Project Slayers

Here's how to make Wen in Project Slayers quickly and easily.

In RPG games, acquiring currency is always one of your main focuses when you first jump into the world. Project Slayers is no different, as you’ll need a lot of in-game currency known as Wen to buy a katana and learn special breathing techniques. Luckily, it’s easy to work your way to riches. These are some of the best ways to make Wen in Project Slayers for new players just starting.

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How to Make Wen in Project Slayers

To make Wen in Project Slayers:

  • Complete Sarah’s quest to pick rice in Kiribating Village.
  • Complete Grandpa Wagwon’s wagon delivery quest in Kiribating Village.
  • Do the minigames in Butterfly Mansion.

The first two tasks are easy ways to make a lot of Wen in the starting area of Kiribating Village. We recommend doing the Grandpa Wagwon and Sarah quests repeatedly. After completing a quest, you won’t be able to pick another one up for about a minute. As a reminder, you need 5000 Wen to learn one of the breathing styles in the game!

Sarah’s Quest

The first way to gain money is by speaking with Sarah in Kiribating Village and completing her request to pick four rice strings. The rice quest involves the least amount of running and rewards a total of 120 Wen (5 Wen per rice and 100 Wen for completing the quest). Look for the icon of the woman with black hair in Kiribating Village.

How to Make Wen in Project Slayers - Sarah's quest
Screenshot via Gamer Digest/Roblox

To complete this one, speak with Sarah and then head to the glowing green markers to pick a rice string.

Grandpa Wagwon’s Quest

The next way to earn money is by speaking with Grandpa Wagwon and completing the wagon delivery quest. To do this quest, speak with the old man in Kiribating Village, accept the quest, and deliver the wagon to the marker about 1000 meters away. The quest pays out 150 Wen, making it a more lucrative but also more time-consuming quest than Sarah’s.

Screenshot via Gamer Digest/Roblox

Butterfly Mansion Minigames

Another great way to make Wen, especially if you have the right Project Slayers clan, is to head over to Butterfly Mansion and complete the minigames. It’s a bit of a trek, but Butterfly Mansion has a few games like the cup game if you’re feeling adventurous. The cup game is a small minigame where you must press the keys shown on the screen to fill up a meter. Completing this quest gives you 20 Wen. However, the game takes a while, so this is not the most efficient method.

To get to Butterfly Mansion, press your map hotkey to pull out your map and select Butterfly Mansion from the area list. Follow the red marker until you get to the location. Remember to set your respawn point at the crystal unless you want to spawn back at Kiribating Village.

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