Project Slayers Trello Link and Discord (April 2024)

Use the Project Slayers Trello and Discord to view all the different locations and NPCs in the popular Roblox Experience, Project Slayers.

Project Slayers, developed by the team with the same name is a fun Roblox Experience where you get to adventure across villages, cities, mountains, and forests. Project Slayers is based on the popular anime Demon Slayers. You’re in luck if you love the show and want to live just like the Demon Slayer Corps. Below, you’ll find links to the Trello and Discord servers, so you can join and learn all there is to know about the game.

The Project Slayers Trello link is:

Trello allows the developer to communicate with the Project Slayer’s community. Wikis are helpful, but Trello’s are better because they often contain hidden gems and information you can’t find anywhere else. The board has information about NPCs, quests, Grandpa Wagwon, Tyrone, Mae, the Map System, different villages, different caves and mountains, and much more!

Project Slayers Discord Server

The Project Slayers Discord server is:

Discord, on the other hand, is more of a community than Trello. There, you’ll find channels for just about every aspect of the game. It’s also good to learn about upcoming updates, announcements from the developers, and theorycrafting builds and tier lists.

Project Slayers Trello Guide

The Project Slayers Trello guide contains the following information:

  • Mouse Combos
  • Mastery
  • Blocking

Project Slayers Mouse Combos

Auto Combos

Auto Combos are special mini combos you can do to someone if you m1 someone in a specific order; some provide extra damage, stun, or look cool. Regardless they are useful in combat if used correctly.

How to do Auto combos

You need to left-click and right-click to do different auto combos. There are up to 5 inputs to the auto combo.

Combos Key

  • L is left click/m1
  • R is right click/m2
  • They need to be in fast succession in order to do.

Current Auto combos

  • LRLRL: Throws you up in the air; you can use moves or click twice in the air before you slam them down (you can also hold space while M1ing to go into the air).
  • LLRLR: Different for each type of weapon ie. fists, swords, Shinobu Sword.
  • RRLRL: Another different type of auto combo for each type of weapon.

Project Slayers Mastery

Mastery is an in-game feature that allows you to master your breathing/Demon art, your katana/claws, as well as your fists. When holding a specific weapon, you can view its mastery on the bottom right of your screen.

The higher your mastery is, the more damage you do, its always important to max it out. It also unlocks moves the higher you level it.

Mastery is obtained by killing NPCs and Bosses, you cannot get mastery from quests; the best method to gaining master will always be to either kill a easy boss alone or a hard boss with friends.

If you switch Demon arts or breathing, your mastery will save, however, your new breathing or Demon art will have to be mastered. (In short things stay mastered)

If an NPC is killed all of the non-maxed-out mastery will gain EXP. This is a new system put in place that was heavily requested by testers due to the last one making progression slow and unrewarding

Project Slayers Blocking

Blocking is a game mechanic where when you hold F you will block attacks that wont break your guard, the more levels you have the stronger your block will be. You may obtain more blocks by having certain clans that will buff block

While fighting players in the overworld (not in arena) you will lose durability while blocking

The more levels/health you have, the more block you will have, there is no limiter on block.

That’s everything you need to know about the Project Slayers Trello and Discord, so join them to absorb knowledge! Check out our Roblox section to get more codes and free XP and gear for your favorite Roblox games. You can also visit our Roblox guides wiki for more codes and Trellos for the most popular experiences on the platform.