How to Sign Up for Marauders Closed Beta

If you want to test out the hardcore space pirate looter shooter for yourself, here's how to sign up for the Marauders Closed Beta.

Marauders is an upcoming tactical first-person multiplayer space pirate game developed by Small Impact Games. The game has been getting lots of attention since Team17 announced it in March 2022. The announcement trailer showcases some intense space cpirate ombat and impressive multiplayer gunplay, with gameplay and raids that remind us of Escape From Tarkov, but in space. If you think this game looks exciting, you might be wondering how to sign up for the Marauders closed beta.

When is the Marauders Closed Beta?

The official gameplay trailer says the Marauders Closed Beta begins on Wednesday, July 20, and lasts until Tuesday, July 26, 11 a.m. ET. That means players have a little under a week to get into the action and test things out. There is currently no exact start and end time for the closed beta, but we will keep you posted if we get the official word.

How to Sign Up for Marauders Closed Beta

To get Closed Beta access to Marauders, you’ll need to preorder the game. After preordering, you’ll receive an email from Xsolla with the Marauders Steam key. You can add the game to your library by activating the key on Steam. The game will be a Steam-exclusive, so if you’re not a Steam user, you’ll need to sign up for a Steam account and download the client on your computer when it comes time to play.

As for preordering Marauders, it’s done on the official website here. The Early Access preorder is currently on sale for $27.00 (down from $29.99) at the time of writing, and we don’t know how long the sale will last, though it does appear to be a permanent discount for preorders. 

Marauders who preorder the game will also get a few bonuses:

  • 10% discount
  • Closed Beta Access (launch TBC)
  • Space Pirate Pack (arrived on Early Access launch)

Players who want to wait can still Wishlist the game on Steam. Visit the Marauders Steam Page and smash the “Add to your wishlist” button to get notified when it becomes available. 

There is no official Marauders release date at this time, but the hardcore, first-person, multiplayer looter shooter will be available to test in Closed Beta later this month.

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