Marauders Ace Update Release Date and Details

Is ship customization on the horizon for Marauders in the new "Ace" update?

Along with the recent November 11 Patch update for Marauders, the developers, Small Impact Games, also teased a new trailer for an upcoming patch called project “Ace.” Here’s what we know so far about the Marauders Ace update release date and details, including what we think the new update might entail. 

Marauders Ace Update Release Date

According to the official trailer, the new Marauders Ace Update is set to release in December 2022. While the developers didn’t mention an exact day, we hope it’s in time for the holiday break. 

Watch the official trailer for the Marauders Ace Update here:

Marauders Ace Update Details

No official word has come out on what the Ace update actually entails, but we can take a few educated guesses. According to the Marauders early-access roadmap, the developers have declared their intentions to add ship types and ship customization. 

This is welcome news to hardcore players, as honestly–ships often serve little to no function, and many players opt for the Rustbucket. 

In Marauders, upgrading your ship is expensive and risky. Would-be pirates are salivating over the chance to breach you and take your ship from you. For the devs to fix this, there needs to be a greater payoff for players to bring their custom ships out. 

We already know that taking out other players before they enter the raid makes it safer to loot–but there needs to be another benefit from bringing out what is the equivalent of a Lambo in Marauders. 

As soon as we hear more information on the new Marauders “Ace” update, we’ll update you in our News Section

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