Marauders Asteroid Mine Vault Guide

Searching for the best loot on the Asteroid Mine? Here's our Marauders Asteroid Mine vault guide.

If you weren’t aware, the Iridium Asteroid Mine raid in Marauders, like the other raids in the fun extraction shooter, has a Vault that contains the best loot in the entire map. We’ve got your back if you’re unsure how to locate or open the Asteroid Mine Vault. Continue reading for our Marauders Asteroid Mine Vault guide and walkthrough.  

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Marauders Asteroid Mine Vault Guide

To open the Marauders Asteroid Mine Vault, go down to the bottom floor of the Asteroid Mine by navigating through Air Processing. Follow the pathway for a little bit, then turn left and go through the door, and you’ll see the Asteroid Mine Vault doors. Use a Blowtorch on the clamps along the door to open them. 

For a step-by-step guide on how to do this, see below. 

Part 1: Asteroid Mine Vault Location

The Marauders Asteroid Mine Vault is located on the bottom floor of the Asteroid Mine map. To get there, head to Air Processing and travel down the staircase. You’ll reach an area where a ladder has been broken. Drop down into the room, then go straight and look to your left for the Vault location. 

See below for images on where to locate the Asteroid Mine Vault. 

Part 2: Opening the Asteroid Mine Vault 

To open the Asteroid Mine Vault in Marauders, use the Blowtorch on the clamps along the edge of the vault doors. The clamps will glow orange, then fall off, allowing you to interact with it and open it. 

Asteroid Mine Vault Door, Marauders

Be careful, as the Blowtorch is loud, so if there are other players in the area, they may be attracted to the Asteroid Mine Vault. Keep your head on a swivel for other Marauders trying to get your loot. 

Blowtorch, Marauders

Inside the Asteroid Mine Vault, there will potentially be War Bonds, large bags, and other high-value items that will net you a good chunk of change at the shop. 

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