Marauders Patch Notes (January 25)

The Red Baron Patch 01 for Marauders on January 25, 2023, introduces bug fixes, optimizations, and balancing. 

Marauders, the new extraction game by Small Impact Games, has introduced a new patch dubbed The Red Baron Patch 01 that fixes many player crashes and Market Trader bugs. 

Marauders Patch Notes (January 25, 2023)

The Marauders Patch Notes for January 25, 2023, include the following: 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes for exploits.
  • Fixes added for marketplace reset problem.
  • Fix for the “Shotgun Crash” that could occur on Terraformer.
  • Fix for texture/shader memory crash when opening containers.
  • Fix for Server crash with audio mechanics.
  • Fix for a crash when hitting enemies with a shield.
  • Fixes added for inventory problems that can result in the loss of items in the main menu/stash, like containers.
  • Fix added for Captain’s ships not coming into raid.
  • Fixed bug which could cause the shop to stock items it shouldn’t.
  • Fixes added for vertical audio not working.
  • Fixes added for a bug where crew members could get left behind when the crew goes into a match.
  • Fixes added to the crew system to be more reliable.
  • Fixes added to stop crewmembers losing an active ship when going in as part of a crew.
  • Fixes for a rare chance to lose a ship when returning from a match due to an ID collision.
  • Repo man forklift mission fix for merchant ship.
  • Fixed normal map issue for environment materials.
  • Fixed item description errors.
  • Fix for core contracts rewards text with long names getting cut off.
  • Blowtorch now has the correct max capacity (of 250) in the workbench weapon viewer.
  • Fixed a little “knee pop” that could happen while holding an Uzi in the Main Menu (idle stance).
  • Spelling and grammar fixes for the core contracts.
  • Fix added to stop custom container names from going out of bounds of the item.
  • Fixed bugs where the keybinding menu would stay up when using the Esc button to go back through the exit/settings menus in-game.
  • Added references for effects when hitting mud surfaces (road in Terraformer).
  • Misc spelling/grammar fixes.
  • Fixes to shotgun damage stats in the workbench not being correct.
  • Bank notes pickup now has collision.
  • Fixed some item pickup/putdown sounds that were using default sounds instead of a sound relevant to the item.
  • Fix added for player mask resetting to default values instead of being based on FOV.
  • Fixed bug where melee weapons could do bullet impact sounds when they hit surfaces.
  • Updated text in the guide for Prestige system.
  • Fixed short name of supply drops to be S.D instead of S.B
  • Fixes to UI text cutoff in French language.
  • Fixes for UI overlapping text in German language.
Marauders Key Art
Image: Small Impact Games

Optimizations & UI

  • QOL on crew password check menu, you can now press enter to try the password without needing to press the try button.
  • In the main menu, core contract missions that are time-based are now formatted more usefully as 00:00 instead of just an initial value.
  • Added a UI blocker to stop crewmembers from being able to set an active ship while in a crew and not the captain.
  • Optimized lighting in the main menu.
  • Optimized skeletal meshes in the main menu.
  • Optimized collision in the main menu.
  • Optimized bullet shaders (used for ammo pickups).
  • Optimized baked texture items icons.
  • Added concurrency limits to some weapons shooting sounds which were missing them.
  • Optimized cloth footstep sounds.
  • Optimized simple rotating actors.
  • Optimized options menu subwidget UI.
  • Optimized main menu crafting subwidget UI
Marauders Ship
Image: Small Impact Games

Art & Sound

  • Tighter scratch damage on and improved normal map shading environmental objects.
  • Many item icons are now from textures instead of snapshots of items in-game (e.g., melee weapons).
  • Mosin Obrez now has an iron sight (front post).
  • Tweaks made to gunshot sounds to help with spatialization.
  • Tweaks were made to the Howitzer and Large turret to help with spatialization.
  • Cut dead space from the beginning of gunshot sounds to make them more snappy.
  • Upped the max concurrency limit on some weapon shooting sounds (like the Thompson) to stop the shooting from getting cut off when firing full auto.
  • Increased the volume of the pick-up/put-down Gold Bullion sounds.
  • Increased the volume of footsteps on glass while walking.
  • Increased the volume of crouching walking on glass.
  • Fixed missing sounds when using Esc to go back through layers of exit menus in-game.

AI & Balancing

  • Terminator and Trench Gun have had their spread increased to be more in line with other shotguns and to prevent shotgun sniping.
  • Liberator damage increased from 15×8 to 16×8.
  • Terminator shotgun damage decreased from 18×12 to 14×12.
  • The terminator shotgun now has 15 durability (down from 25).
  • Terminator shotgun has a 30% increase in value and repair cost.
  • The normal speed (not boosting) of the pod is now 15% faster and has a 12-second cooldown instead of 14 seconds between boosts.
  • A small first aid kit now heals 7 health per second instead of 5.
  • Shotgun A.I. should no longer engage at long distances but instead, reposition or charge.

To see the full patch notes, check out the official Marauders Steam Page.

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