How to Get More Boosters in Marvel Snap

Here's how to get more Boosters in Marvel Snap, and a tip on how you can focus-farm Boosters for specific cards.

If you want to level up your cards in Marvel Snap, you’ll need Credits and Boosters. Credits are pretty straightforward to obtain, as you can just buy them and complete daily missions. But what about Boosters? Here’s how to get more Boosters in Marvel Snap and a little tip you may have yet to learn about that will help you max out the cards you choose.

What are Boosters in Marvel Snap?

Boosters are one of the two materials required to upgrade a card’s rarity in Marvel Snap. Each card has a unique Booster tied to it, so to upgrade a Nightcrawler to Legendary, for example, you’ll need 30 Boosters.

Here’s the Booster cost for each rarity:

  • Uncommon -> 5 Boosters
  • Rare -> 10 Boosters
  • Epic -> 20 Boosters
  • Legendary -> 30 Boosters
  • Ultra -> 40 Boosters
  • Infinity -> 50 Boosters

To upgrade a card from Common to Infinity, you’ll need 155 Boosters.

How to Get More Boosters in Marvel Snap

To get more Boosters in Marvel Snap, you’ll need to play and complete games. After a game is complete, you’ll get a number of Boosters for a random card in your deck. The important thing to note is that you will only get Boosters for cards in your played deck.

Another way to get Boosters is by purchasing them from the Fast Upgrade section of the Shop. Purchasing Boosters costs Credits, and Credits are needed to upgrade your cards, so you may want to think twice about doing this unless you have plenty of Credits to spare.

How to Get More Boosters in Marvel Snap

There’s one caveat to this, though. The more common a card is, the more likely you are to get boosters for it. For example, you will obtain more Boosters for an Uncommon card than a Legendary one. Considering this, it’s a good strategy to avoid upgrading your cards past Uncommon and stacking up your Boosters until you have enough to take it all the way to Infinity.

The strategy complements what we’ve said in our other guide on how to get more cards in Marvel Snap. It’s the most cost-efficient to level as many cards as possible to Uncommon if you’re trying to grow your Collection Level. Similarly, if you are trying to focus-farm Boosters for a certain card, make sure it’s in your deck, and it’s not too high a rarity.

There you have it; that’s how to get more Boosters in Marvel Snap. If you’re trying to grind a card to Infinite, now you know how to do it. Good luck!

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