What is Marvel Snap Battle Mode?

Challenge your friends to a game of Marvel Snap.

Second Dinner’s Marvel Snap has quickly become one of the most popular card battler games on mobile since its release. The game’s previously announced Battle Mode has fans excited that they will finally be able to battle against friends, and now it’s finally here.

Battle Mode was first officially announced during the January 2023 developer update. The unranked game mode opens up the ability to directly challenge friends and other players via a game code system. It also enables hosting tournaments, which is good news for competitive Marvel Snap players.

What is Battle Mode in Marvel Snap?

Battle Mode is an unranked game mode that allows players to challenge other players directly. The game utilizes a code system that allows players to pair up against each other. 

Here are the rules of Marvel Snap’s Battle Mode:

  • It is an unranked mode.
  • Each player begins with 10 health.
  • Health is lost based on the Cubes wagered.
  • Stakes double after the fifth game.
  • Players lock in one deck to use for the whole battle.
  • There are no draws, only wins or losses.
  • Tournament format allows for organized events.

Each player begins with a total of 10 health and will lose health after every game played. Similar to regular matches, players can Snap to wager more cubes. The amount of health each player loses equals the number of cubes at stake. So, if a player Snaps and is up to 4 cubes and loses the match, they will be down to 6 health for the next game. 

After the fifth game, the stakes in Battle Mode are doubled. The increased stakes ensure games do not drag on for longer than intended and will never last more than 20 minutes.

The first rollout of Marvel Snap’s Battle Mode is region locked, according to Second Dinner’s Chief Development Officer, Ben Brode. That will undoubtedly impact global tournaments. However, the good news is that it appears the development team plans to remedy this issue as quickly as possible.

Because Battle Mode is an unranked game mode, there are no in-game rewards for winning a battle. However, we anticipate this mode will open up some sponsored tournaments that may have some prize money at stake.