Marvel Snap Player Achieves World First With Max Collection Level

It turns out there is a maximum Collection Level in Marvel Snap.

In the world of Marvel Snap, one player has made history by reaching the end of the Collection Level track. Twitter user @SnapDecks spotted the player, known in-game as Aaron, who had reached a maximum Collection Level of 22,366. This achievement caught the attention of the development team at Second Dinner, with Stephen Jarrett even calling it a “World First.”

Marvel Snap Player Achieves World First With Max Collection Level

For readers who don’t play Marvel Snap, the Collection Level is an in-game progression track that allows players to unlock new cards and cosmetics for collected cards. Previously, some players thought the Collection Level rewards go on forever, but Aaron’s achievement proves otherwise.

As Aaron stated on Discord, “the rewards track currently ends at CL 22,366, and no rewards can be obtained beyond this level, even though the CL can still increase.” The game developers announced they would extend the CL rewards track for Marvel Snap in a future update.

Aaron, who was a part of the extended closed beta period for Marvel Snap, attributes his success to spending $400-500 a month on the game and maximizing events like the nexus event. Daily players likely find themselves sitting at around 2,000 CL, meaning it would take them years to reach such a milestone.

Since its release in October, Marvel Snap has remained one of the top mobile games on iOS and Android. It even won the Best Mobile Game award at The Game Awards 2022. The fast-paced digital collectible card game by Second Dinner has more updates, including a new mode allowing players to battle friends, planned for the near future.

Players can grab Marvel Snap via Steam, Google Play, and the App Store.