Marvel SNAP Rise of the Phoenix Season Details

Marvel SNAP is about to set the gaming world ablaze with its new season, Rise of the Phoenix.

The Marvel Snap Rise of the Phoenix Season Pass is a treasure trove for X-Men fans. It offers the chance to unlock a brand new card, variants, avatars, and card backs; all centered around the mighty Phoenix Force, a powerful entity that predates the known universe. With a unique ability to revive one of your destroyed cards and merge with it, allowing that card to move each turn, this new character is set to add a whole new dimension to the gameplay.

The season is also packed with new characters to set your gaming experience on fire. These new cards can be found in the Token Shop, Collector’s Reserves, and the all-new Spotlight Cache later this month. The new cards will be released weekly, starting with last month’s Season Pass Card, Ghost-Spider, releasing as a Series 5 card on July 3, 2023. 

The release schedule for July includes:

  • Ghost-Spider: July 3, Series 5 Release 
  • Jean Grey: July 10, Series 5 Release
  • Echo: July 17, Series 5 Release
  • Legion: July 24, Series 4 Release
  • Mirage: July 31, Series 4 Release

The season also introduces new locations, including the White Hot Room and Lake Hellas, which will turn up the heat in your battles. Plus, there’s a plethora of new variants, from the Phoenix Force – Horley to Mystique – Pixel, adding more depth and variety to your collection.

Marvel SNAP offers exclusive bundles for a limited time to spice things up even further. These bundles include various cards, avatars, boosters, credits, and tokens, at a discount.

See the official Marvel SNAP Steam post to learn more about the new season. 

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