Minecraft Legends Sheds Light on Overworld

There's a lot to do in Minecraft Legends.
Minecraft Legends Key Art
Image: Xbox Game Studios

Minecraft Legends, the upcoming PvPvE action/strategy game based on the Minecraft Universe, just revealed more about the game’s Overworld. 

If you’ve been dying to learn more about Minecraft Legends, you’re in luck, as the developers of the game just released a new blog post outlining more details about the Overworld

For the uninitiated, Minecraft Legends is a game developed by Mojang Studios & Blackbird Interactive and published by Xbox, scheduled to release on April 18, 2023. Players will team up with others in the game to take on an opposing team. To win, they’ll need to collect resources, gain NPC allies, and build giant fortresses to fend off the enemy team. 

The update shed more light on how travel will work in the game. When you spawn, your Well of Fate will be the central location for important upgrades and can be used to fast travel. 

As you play through each match, you’ll encounter friendly villages with a village fountain (another fast-travel point) and loot that will help you in your journey. Lapis, the material required to recruit new allies, is something that players can carry around with them as they traverse the Overworld. 

Speaking of travel — much of your time will be spent on a mount. The devs have added different plants that will affect your travel speed to make travel more engaging. Plants like speed wheat and bounce caps make players faster, while other plants, like poison vines, will harm you and remove any mobility buffs. 

The ever-dangerous PvE element in the game will be Piglins, which will attack you and take over Villages if given the opportunity. 

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