Mount and Blade Bannerlord: How to Get Married 

If you want to start your own dynasty in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord, marriage is a critical aspect. Here's how to get married in the game.

Are you ready to settle down and finally start your family in Bannerlord? If you answered “yes,” you’ll have to marry a Lord or Lady of the realm first. Getting married in Bannerlord might feel complex, especially for new players, so we’ve built this guide on how to get married in Mount and Blade Bannerlord. 

Getting Married in Mount and Blade Bannerlord

To get married in Mount and Blade Bannerlord, you must meet a Lord or Lady of the opposite sex, pass a dialogue check, speak to the Hero’s parents, and offer a dowry of enough value to complete the marriage. 

Once completed, the player will see a cut scene of the two characters getting married. For a more in-depth guide, continue reading. 

Players wishing to engage in a same-sex marriage can download the Gay Marriage mod on NexusMods

Choosing a Lord or Lady of Calradia

Before entering a marriage in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord, you must meet and speak to your potential marriage candidate. To find an eligible Lord or Lady of the realm:

  1. Bring up your Encyclopedia (N on PC).
  2. Click Heroes.
  3. Use the filters on the left to narrow down your selection to non-married Lords or Ladies using the Not Married filter on the left side of the screen. 
  4. Select a Lord or Lady that you wish to pursue.
Mount and Blade Bannerlord: How to Get Married 
Image via Gamer Digest/Bannerlord

How to Choose Your Spouse in Bannerlord

Choosing a spouse in Bannerlord depends on what you need for your party. Check the character details screen to view your potential spouse’s stats and select one with the Skills and Traits you want. 

“Higher-tier” spouses may come with significantly more expensive dowries, so keep this in mind. 

Mount and Blade Bannerlord: How to Get Married 
Image via Gamer Digest/Bannerlord

Finding Your Spouse in Bannerlord

Click the location link in the top right of the character screen, Last seen at “town name” today. Then, use the Track function to locate where the Hero is.

Mount and Blade Bannerlord: How to Get Married 
Image via Gamer Digest/Bannerlord

After you are married, you will find your spouse in the Town’s tavern. Click on their icon and select the Talk option to add them to your party. 

Asking a Lord or Lady to Marry You in Bannerlord

To ask a Lord or Lady to marry you in Bannerlord, click their icon in town, then speak with them with the Talk option. Then select There is something I’d like to discuss. Finally, choose My Lady, I wish to profess myself your most garden admirer option.

If successful, the candidate will tell you to come to visit them later. 

If you aren’t playing in “Ironman” mode, we suggest you save the game here–as sometimes the dialogue check in Bannerlord is RNG, and you don’t want to fail this mission, as rejection in Bannerlord is final. 

Wait in the Town or Castle for a day, then talk to your suitor again. You will then have to pass a series of dialogue checks; the higher your Charm, Calculating, and other stats, the higher your chance to complete the dialogue screens. Choose the options with the highest chance of success. Options with a high chance of approval will be highlighted in green. You’ll need to pass 3 different questions to get married.

Mount and Blade Bannerlord: How to Get Married 
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Paying Your Dowry

Once you pass the dialogue screens, open the Encylopedia again and scroll down to Family. Look for your potential mate’s parents, then use the tracking feature to find them on the campaign map. 

Once you find them, select the options:

  • There is something I’d like to discuss.  
  • I would like to propose an alliance between our families through marriage
  • My own hand

This will open a trade screen that you can use to pay the dowry to marry your potential spouse. Click the handshake icon for Auto Offer in the center of the screen to set the dowry cost automatically. Hit Gift and you will be married! 

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Once you do this, you’ll get to view the ceremony in a cutscene. 

Remember that higher-tier Heroes will cost a lot more to get married. In our playthrough, the father of our spouse demanded 73K Denars. 

Marriage Benefits in Bannerlord

Players are limited to a certain number of Companions in Bannerlord; however–you can have unlimited family members join your party. You can use these additional family members to: 

  • Lead Caravans for extra revenue
  • Govern your settlements
  • Use in your army as powerful single units
  • Use to fulfill a Role in your party
  • Complete quests on your behalf
  • Lead their own parties

In addition, marrying off other family members will also significantly increase your relationship with your in-laws, forming a strong alliance. In our playthrough, this was +45 relationship.

Equipping Your Spouse’s Gear

The last benefit of marrying a powerful Lord or Lady is that you gain access to the gear they are wearing. Early game, this can be a complete game changer and can help you acquire end-game gear you otherwise would not have access to for several in-game years. To use your spouse’s gear: 

  1. Access the Inventory menu. 
  2. Use the arrow keys next to the Hero names to switch to your spouse. 
  3. Store your spouse’s armor and weapons in your inventory. 
  4. Use the arrow keys to navigate to your main character. 
  5. Equip the new gear. 

And that’s all you need to know about getting married in Mount and Blade Bannerlord! 

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