How to Turn off Driving Effects in Need for Speed Unbound

Want to turn off the cartoony driving effects in Need for Speed Unbound?

Need for Speed Unbound features a unique art style, a new direction for the franchise. The game utilizes cel-shading, which causes certain animations in NFS Unbound to appear “cartoony,” and the gaming community has mixed opinions about it. These effects are most noticeable when driving around, drifting, and using NOS. 

A common question now that Need for Speed Unbound is released is whether you can unequip or turn off the driving effects entirely. Before release, some rumors were floating around that you would be able to turn the effects off. Now that we’ve got some time to play the game for ourselves, here’s what we learned.

How to turn off driving effects in NFS Unbound

There is no way to completely turn off the driving effects in Need for Speed Unbound, but there are some things you can do to minimize the effects and make them less noticeable. The closest you can get to turning off driving effects in Need for Speed Unbound is using the Cloaked Tag.

Here’s how to equip the Cloaked tag on your rides:

  1. Go to your Garage and go to Rides.
  2. Go to Style and Driving Effects.
  3. Select Tags and equip Cloaked.
Need for Speed Unbound Cloaked Driving Effects Tags

The Cloaked tag is the most minimal “tag” in NFS Unbound. It gives off the least amount of driving effects and cartoony animations. Unlike the other tags, Cloaked has a basic effect that makes your car flash white when you do something like using your nitrous boost, and the smoke from the tires is a basic gray cloud. Players looking to experience a more “realistic” Need for Speed might opt to go for the Cloaked tag. 

The other in-game tags make a lot of random effects floating around the screen. Some players may find these distracting; unfortunately, changing the tag is the only way to reduce the effects. 

In conclusion, the only way to minimize the driving effects in Need for Speed Unbound is to use the Cloaked Tags for your rides. You cannot turn off the driving effects completely, but if you want to reduce them a little bit, hopefully, this has helped you out.