How to Repair Your Vehicle Need for Speed Unbound

Here's how to repair your vehicle in Need for Speed Unbound, so you don't get busted and lose all your cash.

Things will sometimes get dicey in Need for Speed Unbound. When your Heat level is too high, there’s a good chance the cops will start ramming you, causing your vehicle to take damage. If you have a lot of cash at stake, the last thing you want to do is get busted. You can repair your vehicle when the damage gets too severe, and we’ll show you how to do it in this guide.

How to Repair Your Vehicle Need for Speed Unbound

To repair in Need for Speed Unbound, drive through any of the gas stations around Lakeshore City. The gas station will automatically repair your vehicle and refill your Nitrous tank. You can only visit a gas station once every four minutes, though.

Need for Speed Unbound Gas Station Locations
Image: Gamer Digest/Need for Speed Unbound

Pull up your in-game map while roaming around Lakeshore City or from your garage, and look for the Gas Station icons to see which ones you have unlocked. Make sure the map sort is set to All; otherwise, you won’t see them. 

Gas Stations also do not show up on the map without discovering them, so you’ll need to drive around and look for them before they appear on your map. Lakeshore is like a regular city, so a good number of gas stations are spaced out pretty evenly across the entire city.

Refer to the map above for some example locations in the heart of the city. Remember, if you’re about to take critical damage, head over and drive through one of the gas stations for a speedy repair and Nitrous refill. You don’t need to stop, so you can cruise through them quickly and reap the benefits.

That’s how to repair your vehicle in Need for Speed Unbound. For more guides and walkthroughs, visit our NFS Unbound Section!