Need for Speed Unbound Lakeshore City Locations

Ready to ride around Lakeshore? Here are all the Need for Speed Unbound Lakeshore locations we know so far.

Ready to jump into Lakeshore City and get a lay of the land? In that case, you’re in luck because developers of Need for Speed Unbound, Criterion Games, and publishers Electronic Arts have already released key locations in Lakeshore City. Here are the Need for Speed Unbound Lakeshore City locations and their descriptions. 

Need for Speed Unbound Lakeshore City Locations

Need for Speed Unbound takes place in the fictional metropolis of Lakeshore City, which appears to be a fictional world based on Chicago. Below are the confirmed locations for the upcoming Need for Speed Unbound.

Rydell’s Rydes

Everyone’s gotta start somewhere. Rydell’s Rydes will be your first safehouse, allowing you to fix up your rides, stash your cash, and duck from the cops when your Heat dies down. 

Storm Drain, Cyrill Heights

You’re not supposed to be here, but you are. Pull up to your first Meetup at the Storm Drain and challenge the best of Lakeshore’s underground street racing community. 

City Pier, Underwood Gardens

Get noticed under the lights. Flaunt your unique style amongst the freshest street art and illuminations as you disrupt the fun of the fairground with some unruly driving. 

Rudiger’s Safehouse, Yams Park

Need to lay low when your Heat’s high? Safehouses are all across Lakeshore, and Rudiger’s safehouse is the place to chill whilst cops are on your tail around Yams Park. 

Car Plant, Kennedy Test Track

Push your custom driving to the limit with twisting corners, a slick courtyard for driving, and jumps to test the wings on your ride. The Kennedy Test Track has it all.

Quarry Domes, Lakeshore Quarry

It’s easy to get caught up in the urban jungle. Head out to the quarry, get your rims muddy, and fill the domes with layers of stylized tire smoke. 

L-Train, City

See the city from a new perspective. The L-Train’s track runs through the heart of the city, and Lakeshore’s most disruptive drivers aren’t known for buying a ticket.

Mount Road, Kennedy Drive

Lakeshore’s a city that demands attention. Head up to the mountains, pull some drifts, and hear that engine roar as the city skyline provides the perfect backdrop. 

This list of Need for Speed Unbound Lakeshore City locations was sourced from the official Need For Speed Unbound website. Make sure to visit it to stay up-to-date with the latest about the game. 

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