One Piece Odyssey: How to Get Nests in Alabasta

If you’ve just got to Alabasta in One Piece Odyssey and see those shiny nests and want to know how to get the loot, we’ve got you covered in our quick guide. 

If you’ve gotten to Alabasta, one of the primary locations in the Bandai Namco RPG, One Piece Odyssey, you already know about changing out your character. However–what you might not understand is how to get the bird nests you see around the city when you first get there. No worries–our guide will explain. 

How to Get Nests in Alabasta in One Piece Odyssey

Eventually, players will need to obtain nuts from the nests found around the city of Alabasta for the Navi Bird quest, where you must collect 10 Desert Nuts. To obtain the nuts from the nests, access the Swap Leader screen and switch to Usopp, then aim and fire in the direction of the nests. He will shoot them down with his slingshot, and you can collect the nuts. 

As we said — eventually, the game will walk you through precisely how to do it, but before that point, you will spend some time in Alabasta, so it might confuse you after trying to reach them with Luffy’s rubber arms. 

If you start collecting the nuts early, the Navi Bird quest won’t take nearly as long. When we accepted the quest, we only had to get one more Desert Nut, which made the entire process much quicker. 

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