One Piece Odyssey Trophy List (PlayStation)

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If you’re a completionist and want to grab all the PSN trophies for the Bandai Namco RPG, One Piece Odyssey, you first need to know what the achievements are. 

Some gamers prefer to speed through a game as quickly as possible, while others want to get every achievement. You’re not alone if you’re trying to collect all the trophies in the new JRPG, One Piece Odyssey. There are a total of 51 trophies players can obtain in the game. Most of these will be pretty simple to get — though the gold and platinum trophies may be harder to achieve.

One Piece Odyssey Trophy List

The One Piece Odyssey trophies for PlayStation include: 

One Piece: Odyssey Trophy NamesDescriptionQuality
Odyssey MasterComplete all missionsPlatinum
Challenge Enemy ConquerorDefeat all powerful challenge enemies twice or moreGold
High LevelerLevel all party members past 70Gold
Battle MasterWin 300 battlesSilver
Bounty HunterTurn in all bountiesSilver
Certified Fray FixerClear all Memory LinksSilver
Challenge Enemy BeginnerDefeat one powerful challenge enemySilver
Final Chapter ClearClear the final chapterSilver
Pit Stop ProClear all side storiesSilver
Top CookMake all recipesSilver
Treasure HunterOpen all locked treasure chestsSilver
Trick Ball WhizCraft all Trick BallsSilver
Archaeologist’s AppraisalCollect 20 items with Archaeologist’s Appraisals with RobinBronze
Bond BattlerActivate 20 Bond ArtsBronze
Chapter 1 ClearClear chapter 1Bronze
Chapter 2 ClearClear chapter 2Bronze
Chapter 3 ClearClear chapter 3Bronze
Chapter 4 ClearClear chapter 4Bronze
Chapter 5 ClearClear chapter 5Bronze
Chapter 6 ClearClear chapter 6Bronze
Chapter 7 ClearClear chapter 7Bronze
Chapter 8 ClearClear chapter 8Bronze
Chasing ChampionFuse 30 accessoriesBronze
CollectorCollect 99 Yaya CubesBronze
Cook’s NoseCollect 25 items with Sanji’s Cook’s NoseBronze
Craft EnthusiastFuse 5 accessoriesBronze
Cube Collector: BrookCollect 6 Brook Cube FragmentsBronze
Cube Collector: ChopperCollect 30 Chopper Cube FragmentsBronze
Cube Collector: FrankyCollect 20 Franky Cube FragmentsBronze
Cube Collector: LuffyCollect 50 Luffy Cube FragmentsBronze
Cube Collector: NamiCollect 30 Nami Cube FragmentsBronze
Cube Collector: RobinCollect 30 Robin Cube FragmentsBronze
Cube Collector: SanjiCollect 40 Sanji Cube FragmentsBronze
Cube Collector: UsoppCollect 40 Usopp Cube FragmentsBronze
Cube Collector: ZoroCollect 50 Zoro Cube FragmentsBronze
Escape is VictoryRun from 3 battlesBronze
Fixed a FrayClear 5 Memory LinksBronze
Franky SkywalkBuild a bridge 10 times with Franky SkywalkBronze
Gum-Gum RocketTravel with Gum-Gum Rocket 100 TimesBronze
I smell an adventure!Clear 10 side storiesBronze
Iron door SlicerCut 20 doors with ZoroBronze
Jewelry MasterMake accessory with 4 effectsBronze
Journeyman CookMake 10 recipesBronze
Journeyman HunterTurn in 10 bountiesBronze
Party AnimalHost 30 partiesBronze
Saving SavantObtain 20K BerriesBronze
Singular StrikeDo more than 10K DMG with an attackBronze
Treasure SensorCollect 25 items with Nami’s Treasure SensorBronze
Trick Ball BeginnerMake 10 Trick BallsBronze
Usopp’s SlingshotUse Usopp’s Slingshot 100 timesBronze
VictorWin 50 battlesBronze

What trophy are you having the most trouble obtaining? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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